Joshua Tree Photography, Films, and Photoshoots

Thunderbird Lodge Retreat cabins are available at reasonable rates for unique Joshua Tree photography projects, photoshoots and filming locations. Located several miles outside of town, away from the highway and city traffic, each of our properties is on several quiet acres on the edge of the National Park.  

Just after dawn and not long before dusk, photographers and cinematographers will find themselves taken by the playful lighting,  rich textures, and the quiet intensity of Joshua Tree. Ochre tones and lavender skies welcome all our guests whose eyes, as much as their imaginations, are given to focusing and wandering.

Rock formations, abandoned homesteader cabins, abundant Joshua Trees, wildlife, expansive skies, and panoramic views characterize our little corner of the desert. If your Joshua Tree photography project calls for props, we're happy to let you use what we have on site. Each eclectic cabin houses a number of interesting items – from vintage furniture and antique decorations to books and croquette sets, as well as other rustic miscellany. We are flexible about moving furniture around to accommodate your needs (as long as items are moved back into place).

Plenty of parking is available. Perfect for desert photography, fashion, music video, and independent films.

To check availability or book a Thunderbird Lodge Retreat cabin for your next photo or video shoot location, please email the owner Lori Portillo at or call 760-408-0768.



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