Joshua Tree National Park

Thunderbird Lodge Retreat is located adjacent to the Covington Flats entrance to Joshua Tree National Park.

Covington Flats is perched at the northwestern part of Joshua Tree National Park.  Along the dirt roads in Covington Flats you'll identify Joshua trees, juniper plants, and pinyon pines. Eureka Peak, also accessible by car, offers lovely vistas and solicits imaginings. Hiking trails abound.

To reach Lower Covington Flats, go by car or foot from La Contenta Rd, turn into the park when you see the sign for Covington Flats. It's a beautiful, hearty 10 miles of gradual inclines. Or hike up Quail Mountain instead. Quail Mountain--not to be confused with Sugar Mountain--gets you to the highest point in Joshua Tree. From there, you can sit down and breathe or look around as the blonde floor slowly meets the cornflower blue sky.

Before leaving for the day, remember to bring plenty of food and water, sunscreen, a first-aid kit, and a second pair of socks.

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