Meet Our Mascot

Meet Newt…..abandoned and abused, Newt found sanctuary at Thunderbird Lodge Retreat.  Lori tended to his wounds, offered him safety and soon Newt blossomed into a happy-go-lucky loving companion.  If you see Lori, Newt will not be far behind.  He has become our mascot of sorts—patrolling the perimeter, occasionally running off perceived intruders, the rabbits and field mice have nothing to fear, he is boisterous at times but harmless. We designed a t-shirt featuring Newt, we are proud to offer them to guests as a lasting souvenir of their stay at Thunderbird Lodge Retreat. 

T-shirts are available in medium and large for $25.00 each.

Give Lori a ring or send her an email. 

For Reservations & Inquiries, Please Contact Lori Portillo, Owner:

Email: lori@thunderbirdlodgeretreat.com
Phone: 760-408-0768
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Lori Portillo (Owner)