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El Dorado is almost finished at Thunderbird Lodge Retreat!

Lori Portillo, owner of Thunderbird Lodge Retreat is shown here above her newly installed El Dorado sign. Lori designed and hand painted all of the signage in the ghost town of El Dorado, located on the Ranch House property at Thunderbird Lodge Retreat. Lori, Dana Courtney and their crew have been building El Dorado over the last few months, it has been quite an endeavor and has turned out even better than imagined. Lori has included many unique salvaged items into the town, she would be happy to tell you all about it when you visit!

The Ranch House rental will become available in the near future, it will be a great location for photo opportunities & parties. The Ranch House will be able to sleep up to ten guests and their pets. Look for updates! Please have a look at the photos below.

Lori_Thunderbird_Lodge_retreat_Eldorado Thunderbirdlodgeretreat_Ranch_House Thunderbird_Lodge_Retreat_El_Dorado_saloon_2 Thunderbird_Lodge_Retreat_El_Dorado_saloon Thunderbird_lodge_retreat_ElDorado_town_Ranch_House_2 Thunderbird_lodge_retreat_ElDorado_town_Ranch_House_3 Thunderbird_lodge_retreat_ElDorado_town_Ranch_House_4 Thunderbird_lodge_retreat_ElDorado_town_Ranch_House