Where is La Contenta Road?

Adelaide Kirk's Poem

You ask me, “Where is La Contenta Road?”

‘Tis where the weary traveler drops his head

And rests awhile

The busy world rolls on

And never hears the desert’s gentle song.

On La Contenta Road the Joshua lifts high

Its grotesque arms as if to say,

“You’re welcome to this quiet, dusty road

And peradventure to a bright new day”

For La Contenta Road leads to the hills.

The everlasting hills whence cometh strength,

The strength to lift again the heavy load.

I know, I live on La Contenta Road.

~Adelaide Kirk

Born in the 1890’s, Adelaide and her husband, Thomas, owned the Rock House until his death in 1975. She wrote this heartfelt poem about her beloved desert. Most of Thunderbird Lodge Retreat’s properties, including Adelaide’s Rock House, are found on La Contenta Road. In fact, if you look closely, you can find their name Kirk written on a sign out front and on the rock fireplace.

So, come, rest awhile as the busy world rolls on and, renew your strength.